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The Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Perfume
Essential oils are widely known as aromatic natural remedies. Besides their medicinal properties, they can also be used to make perfumes.
Perfumes boost mood
So next time you feel a bit blue, dab on few drops of your favorite perfume and enjoy its aromatherapy benefits. It will not only relieve stress and ease your mind, but will also boost your energy level and make you more alert.
Boost Your Confidence
It’s been proven that perfumes boost your confidence. When you smell good, you feel good about yourself and ultimately have the confidence to do anything. You get that inner power that puts you in control and helps you tackle any task, difficult or simple.
Makes You Attractive
Sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses. Sometimes, you can simply get attracted to someone because of the way they smell. Perfumes can awaken our senses for sensuality and increase sexual attraction.

Family care

Keep a roll-on filled with Tranquil’s

comforting aroma in your purse or the

kids’ backpacks for busy work or test days.


Travel protection

Provide a variety of solutions for your

everyday needs Light and easy to carry.Keep a roll-on

in your travel bag or purse to use before rush-hour

raffic, visiting hectic airports, or taking long road trips.

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