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100% Nature and Pure
Aromatherapy Essential Oil


Bask in luxuriant yet subtle scents that heal your spirits and robs the stress away.

Maintain that beautiful lustre in you!

keep your surroundings purified, germ-free and odor-free.


100% Nature and Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil


To relax your senses and induce good sleep, apply on neck or behind your ears when feeling restless or try dabbing on your pillow before bed. You can also add the pure concentrate directly to a diffuser to surround your room with an aroma that helps you to unwind. Alternatively, add 5 - 7 drops to water in a vaporizer or burner of choice.

You can also use with bath salts for a luxurious, aromatic bath experience, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

For good scalp and hair health, add 2 – 3 drops into your shampoo to stimulate your scalp.

For a relaxing massage, adding 10 drops to 15 - 25 ml of oil is a sensual experience.

Try applying a few drops to your temples, wrist and at the back of the neck to ease muscle tension.

One of the most popular scents, it is also a natural perfume and non-toxic air freshener. Simply try adding pure oil to your skin directly or dilute oil in water for a more subtle scent. You can also try the same method on your bed sheets, pillow, in the bathroom or on your bath towels.


Essential oils, by their concentrated nature, can sometimes cause problems if used in their undiluted form. Education is the key to safety with Essential oils. Be sure that you understand the potential effects and possible hazards before using any Essential oil. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be taken. Use only as directed. During pregnancy or when symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare practitioner. Store at room temperature.