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• Are There Shipping Fees?

We're so glad you asked. Shipping is free during the discount period for any monthly subscription. The shipping fee of different products will be listed when you subscribe.

• How Do I Change My Shipping Address

To update your shipping address,please contact us by timely.

• When Do Surprizeboxx Ship?

For new customers, your first Surprizeboxx will arrive to your house in 7-15 business days after your order is placed. If you're already a Surprizeboxxer, we'll ship out your Surprizeboxx on the 15th of every month(Except for special circumstances).

• Where Is My Shipping Information?

All packages shipping to Surprizeboxxers have tracking information and here's what we do to keep you in the loop: When your order is active, you can log into your Surprizeboxx account to keep an eye on your Surprizeboxx. Questions? Email: